About Us

Mass production is desensitizing... SOLO Home Design discards all ordinary and

 commercial approaches and allows you to conceive the extraordinary. 

Our rustic industrial style comes together using beautiful and unusual materials. 

We work with local Chicago businesses and travel across the country to collect many of those

salvaged materials and give them new life while doing our part to help the planet little by little.

Our team of three designers and craftsmen have a combined 50+ years of experience.

Many hours go into each piece and all are one of a kind.

Always handcrafted in the USA.

If you need a particular size, color scheme, or have an artifact you would like to incorporate into a 

furnishing, home accessory, or installation,

 we will work with you one on one to create your own SOLO piece. *


                                                                                                                                                                                  *see terms & conditions for details