Custom Projects

What to know when thinking about custom work...

When purchasing your custom piece, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. A couple of steps to get started... You'll need to know your budget and time frame. After that, the design process starts. It stems into two questions, do you have a specific idea/design, or are you coming to us with a blank slate. Unfortunately, when it comes to custom work, there are no two similar orders, so time frame can never be quoted until the final design has been approved.

SOLO Home Design differs from other custom furniture companies... We are EVERYTHING custom.. We can use all new materials, scout out specific reclaimed materials, or the client can bring us an artifact to incorporate into the design. This is where the price of your custom piece comes into play. The materials and the complexity of the design is where most of your final price comes from. We work with many price points, from coaster sets to installations, while still holding to our company standards. SOLO is a company that helps you design your world. 


info [at] solohomedesign [dot] com

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